Our Senior Staff Management

Our Partner Staff

Eric Cho

Eric Cho handles our Wholesale Division and our National Small Retailer Accounts. 

Eric comes to us with a MBA from NYU, and worked for a Chicago Fast Packaging Company.

He resides in Chicago with is wife and three kids. He works remotely from Chicage. 

Tom Dockham

Tom is a legally blinded Veteran, and started this small business to give Veterans and people with disabilities a second chance at employment.

Tom handles our big box wholesale accounts like Walmart, Wayfair, and Storenvy.

Tom resides here in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Georgia Miller

Georgia Miller, Georgia became a partner to our Home Décor side called Country Korners, we have currently two gift shop stores with locations in the mid-west.

She has a MBA in Banking and Marketing. 

She resides in Tulsa, with her husband and family. She works remotely from Tulsa.

Our Warehouse & Office Staff

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